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Are 4D Number Plates Road Legal?

As a proud car owner, you might have heard about the newest trend in car accessories: 4D number plates. In this article, we'll explore whether these stylish plates are road legal and what sets them apart from traditional printed number plates. So buckle up and let's dive into the world of 4D number plates!

What Are 4D Number Plates?

4D number plates are the latest generation of number plates designed for UK cars, vans, trailers, SUVs, 4x4s, and other vehicles. They are the predecessors of printed number plates, which are still widely used. However, 4D number plates are gradually becoming the new "normal" in the automotive world.

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Why Are 4D Number Plates Road Legal?

The reason 4D number plates are road legal lies in their compliance with the 2001 No. 561 ROAD TRAFFIC The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 (BSAU 145e) standards. These regulations outline specific rules for displaying number plates in the UK, and 4D number plates meet all the necessary requirements.

Key Features of 4D Number Plates

  1. Raised characters: Unlike printed number plates, 4D number plates have raised characters made of acrylic, giving them a more stylish and modern appearance.
  2. Legibility: The raised characters make 4D number plates more legible, ensuring they can be easily read by other drivers and law enforcement.
  3. Durability: 4D number plates are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they last longer than traditional printed number plates.

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In conclusion, 4D number plates are not only stylish and modern but also road legal in the UK. They meet all the necessary requirements set out by the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001, making them a perfect choice for car enthusiasts who want to give their vehicles a fresh, unique look. Explore our range of 4D number plates at Private Plate King and find the perfect set for your vehicle today!


Q: Are 4D number plates more expensive than printed number plates?

A: While 4D number plates may be slightly more expensive than traditional printed number plates, the difference in price is often justified by their increased durability and stylish appearance.

Q: Can I use 4D number plates on any vehicle?**

A: Yes, 4D number plates can be used on various vehicles, including cars, vans, trailers, SUVs, and 4x4s, as long as they meet the legal requirements outlined in the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001.

Q: Do I need any special tools or equipment to install 4D number plates?

A: No, 4D number plates can be easily installed using the same tools and methods as traditional printed number plates. However, it's always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult a professional if you're unsure about the installation process.

Q: How do I maintain and clean my 4D number plates?

A: To keep your 4D number plates looking their best, you can clean them with mild soap and water. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they may damage the surface of the plates. When cleaning, ensure that you don't accidentally remove or damage any of the raised characters on the plates.

Q: Can I customise my 4D number plates?

A: Yes, many companies, including Private Plate King, offer customised 4D number plates. You can choose from various colours , materials, and styles to create a unique set of number plates that perfectly match your vehicle and personal preferences. However, keep in mind that any customisations should still comply with the legal requirements for number plates in the UK.

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