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4D Number Plates

4D Number Plates

Useful information surrounding 4D Number Plates

Our road legal exclusive registration personalised license plates ,which allow you to express your personality with our 4D Range. These 4D Number Plates are professionally laser cut in our Charles Wright Font style. We can cater to most requirements for all your registration needs.


These types of number plates are made with a special manufacturing process ,which incorporates a 4D dimension on to your number plates.

This style of number plates are personalised to allow for a unique combination of letters, numbers 4D number plate registration .


The 4D Number Plates are a fun, personalised and creative way to give your vehicle registration ,with a unique and personalized look. They are also a great way to show off your car, van or vehicle and make it stand out from the rest. You can find many road legal registration number plates at PPK.




What are 4D Number Plates?

4D number plates are raised acrylic digits ranging from 3mm to 5mm but can stacked on top of one another on your number plates . The choice is really down to your personal preference. We have a vast range to choose from our 4D number plate collection.




What makes a number plate 4D?

Thus style of road legal 4D Number plates are raised 4D acrylic digits with a choice which is really up to you. Traditional number plates were printed but with the new exciting 4D Number Plate range at privateplateking is a great place to buy online in the uk with our charles wright font characters.


Do you offer 4D 5mm number plates?

Yes we do we have many ranges in our 4D range , you can find everything you need. Our 4D plates are made from a high-grade 5mm acrylic 4D number plates which is both lightweight. This makes them durable giving you a plate which will last. High quality 4D plate ,then look no further than our range.




Can I buy 4D number plates from you?

Yes you can please contact one of our sales team on if you can find what you need.  If there are any special requests be sure you have the right documentation so there no hold up with your exclusive 4d number plates which will be dispatched .


How much are 4D number plates?

Prices can range from £20.00 upwards from our road legal 4d number plates but there are so many variations. The cost will be down to your own 4D number plate personal preferences.

Why buy your 4d Number plates from us?

We have been trading since 2019 and have a vast experience in the motor trade and supply the best prices on the market for 4D number plates with fast dispatched times .


Private Plate King Are An Official Legal Number Plate Supplier – Find oiur RNPS number On This DVLA Link. If you would like any more information, then check out our FAQs and your questions will likely be answered there:


We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and ensure that our customers are fully satisfied . We understand the importance of a perfect fit to your vehicles and use only the highest quality materials and processes to create the best finish possible.

All of our 4D number plates come with a 12 month guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you are buying a quality product. We also offer a fast delivery service, and you can count on us to get your 4D number plates to you quickly. So, why not buy your 4D number plates from us today?

Our 4D number plates are made from the highest quality materials and have a unique design that stands out amongst the crowd. We have a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any car or van and can even customise them to your specifications.