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Vintage number plates you wont see often and are a different design to the current yellow and silver reflective number plates. In this blog post, we will explain why this is the case and how you can get your own classic car number plate that can be used on your classic vehicle. We'll also explain the rolling regulation and how it affects vintage number plates


Is it possible to put black and white number plates on any vehicle?

If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your classic car, you may have thought about getting a black license plate. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this type of plate. Only older vehicles, manufactured on or before January 1st 1980, are eligible to use these plates. If you’re the proud owner of one of these classic vehicles, you’re in luck! 

In 1980, the DVLA made a change in law that caused an unintended consequence. This allowed vehicles over 40 years old and registered to the historic tax class to display a silver and black number plate, which was a conflict with the original law that only vehicles registered on 1st January 1973 were eligible.

In 2021, the DVLA sought to rectify an incident which had been unintended by them through legal correction. This change aimed to alter the dates from 1973 to 1980, so that all vehicles constructed before 1 January 1980 would be able to display black and silver plates.



Are vintage car and vintage motorcycle any different?

No, there is no difference between a vintage license plate and a regular license plate except for the size of the plate itself. All vehicles manufactured before 1980 that are classified as "historic" are eligible to have a vintage plate. The same basic laws apply to all vehicles regardless of their type. 


Can I purchase black and silver number plates from you

Here at Private Plate King we sell all things number plates, whether it’s private registrations but unfortunately we don't stock classic number plates. Our team might consider adding them in the not too distant future. Classic black number plates and vintage reg plates are pressed aluminium, and so they’re a high quality, durable material which looks great too! Whether they’re for your pride and joy which sits in the garage, or you take it out to shows, your vintage metal number plates are sure to make your classic car stand out!


Some people want black show plates simply for meets and shows. Unfortunately, unless you can prove your car is of the correct age and provide the documentation, the supplier cant legally manufacture the black and silver plates for vehicles when they don’t meet the criteria.


Do you want to know more about the history of the Great Britain number plate? At Private Plate King, you can find a wealth of articles and information to learn the details and laws of the DVLA. Take the time to read and absorb all the facts we have to offer.