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3D Plates: All You Need to Know

3D number plates are a popular and stylish addition to any vehicle. In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about 3D plates, their legality, pricing, and how they're designed and made for UK cars, vans, trailers, SUVs, 4x4s, and other vehicles.

What Are 3D Plates?

3D plates are number plates with a three-dimensional appearance, achieved by using a high-quality, long-lasting resin applied on top of 3D letters. This creates a specialist gel finish that gives the plates a unique, eye-catching look.

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Designing Your 3D Gel Plate

When designing your 3D gel plate, you have several options to choose from:

  • Plate Type: Front and rear plates or just one side.
  • Tinted: A slick tinted finish to the number plate or not.
  • Border Design: With or without a border on your 3D number plate.
  • Side Badge: A Union Jack or Scottish side badge.
  • Fitting Kit: Sticky pads or a screw pack.
  • Number Plate Holder: Black number plate holder or not.
  • Legality of 3D Plates

    Gel plates are 100% legal if they adhere to the rules outlined by the DVLA. Some of these legal terms include:

  • Made from a reflective material
  • Black display characters on a white background (front plate)
  • Black display characters on a yellow background (rear plate)
  • No background pattern
  • Marked with a British Standard number (BS AU 145e for plates fitted after 1 September 2021)
  • Non-removable and non-reflective characters
  • Pricing and Availability

    At, we offer competitively priced 3D number plates for the UK market. With a wide range of customization options, you can create the perfect 3D plate for your vehicle.

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    Are 3D plates MOT compliant?

    Yes, 3D number plates are fully legal and will pass an MOT if they meet the specifications outlined.

    How are 3D number plates made?

    3D number plates are made in four simple steps:

  • Choose your design using the online ordering form.
  • Produce a standard number plate as a guide for your 3D letters.
  • Install your digits using an industrial-strength adhesive.
  • Finish with a quality resin, dry, and quality check upon completion.
  • Conclusion

    3D plates are an excellent way to personalize your vehicle without breaking the bank. By ensuring that they adhere to the legal requirements set by the DVLA, you can enjoy a unique and stylish addition to your car, van, or any other vehicle.

    For the best 3D number plates, visit and customize your perfect 3D plate today!