4D 3mm Acrylic Number Plate

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4D 3MM | £24.93 | PER PLATE


Private Plate King unique style

Laser cut 4D gloss black 3mm in height. All Number Plates will come with protective layer on and this is for a ' singular ' number plate . If you would like a set, select 'Front & Rear ' on the drop down option.


BS AU 145e compliant

100% Road Legal and MOT compliant.

Give your car the modern look.

Pressure washer safe.

We use the best industrial strength 3m Bonding .

Tested in the sun for Fading.



UK Standard size number plates are 520mm by 111mm . Please bear in mind this will vary when you use our easy drop down system to change the size and custom make your number plates . Shortened plates we provide vary from the sizes below -


13 inch (330mm) 

14 inch (355mm) 

16 inch ( 405mm)

18 inch (460mm)


Other Plate Sizes 

Range Rover 21x6( 533mm by 152mm)

4X4 Square Plates (203mm by 278mm)