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Personal Registration Number Plates are a great way to add a personal touch to your vehicle. Cherished Number registration plates are perfect for this, as they allow you to create a unique registration plate with a name, phrase, or word of your choice. For example, you could opt for one of our personal registration number plate with the word 'dope' on it, suitable for cars from 1987 onwards.

Dope has several meanings in modern day slang which equates to "very good" ,but there are many variants that it has, and can be used for to represent something that is of a 'cool' nature.


They are a great way to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and give it a unique look. Personal Registration Number Plates are made up of two parts, the prefix and the suffix. The prefix is usually a combination of letters or numbers, while the suffix is usually a combination of numbers.

You can use either your own name or initials, or you can choose a phrase or slogan to represent you. Many people opt to use their initials or name as the prefix, and then use a combination of numbers to represent the age or year they were born. Personal Registration Number Plates are also a great way to add value to your vehicle, as they can become collectible items.

Personal Registration Number plates is a trend that has been around for some time now and is something that many people use to make a statement about themselves and their own personal style. Personal registration plates are a great way to show off your own unique style and add a special touch to your car.