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Personal Registration Number Plates are a great way to add a personal touch to your vehicle. Cherished Number registration plates are perfect for this, as they allow you to create a unique registration plate with a name, phrase, or word of your choice. For example, you could opt for one of our personal registration number plate with the word 'Dub ' on it, suitable for cars from 2002/52 onwards.


The Volkswagen 'dub' is a term used to describe a unique style of Volkswagen car that has become iconic in the UK. It is a term used to describe an older style of Volkswagen, typically from the 1970s, which is often modified and customised to give it a unique and individual look. The term 'dub' has been adopted by Volkswagen enthusiasts who have embraced the style and tradition of the classic Volkswagen.


The Volkswagen Dub is a term used to describe a culture that has developed around Volkswagen Cars in the UK. It is a term used to describe a lifestyle and a way of living that has been embraced by Volkswagen owners and enthusiasts alike. 


The Volkswagen 'dub' is a term used to describe the Volkswagen vehicle range, and has become synonymous with VW's popularity in the UK. It is used to refer to the wide range of models, from the iconic Beetle and Golf models, to the larger SUVs like the Touareg and Tiguan. It is easy to see why the term 'dub' has become so popular in the UK, and it is an essential part of the Volkswagen brand.