4D 3mm Carbon Fibre Acrylic Number Plate

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Private Plate King unique Carbon Fibre style Acrylic

Laser cut 4D 3mm Carbon Fibre digits which are now classed as show plates .

The new BS 145e regulations now state any 'shading' or 'Carbon Fibre styled effect' are not classed road legal, and 'will not' carry the British Standard mark ,or company details unless it was made on the old BS 145 d mark which we no longer produce.

Give your car the modern look.
Pressure washer safe.
We use the best industrial strength 3m Bonding .

UK Standard size number plates are 520mm by 111mm . Please bear in mind this will vary if you opt to use our drop down system to change the size. We will also fit your plates on the require Legal Size unless stated.
Shortened plates we provide vary from the sizes below -
13 inch (330mm) 
14 inch (355mm) 
16 inch ( 405mm)
18 inch (460mm)

Other Plate Sizes 
Range Rover 21x6( 533mm by 152mm)
4X4 Square Plates (203mm by 278mm)