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4D 5mm Plate Front  | PER Plate


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Discover our best-selling 4D 5mm plates, offering the finest quality at the market's best prices. At Private Plate King Ltd, we're renowned for delivering value without compromising on quality.

Introducing Our 4D 5mm Number Plates: A Blend of Elegance and Robust Design

Our 4D 5mm number plates are a true embodiment of sophistication and durability. These plates feature 5mm raised digits, crafted for an impressive three-dimensional effect that captures attention.

Unmatched Quality:

  • Precision-Cut Digits: Each number and letter is laser-cut with precision, ensuring crisp, clean lines for maximum visibility and aesthetic appeal.
  • Premium Material: Constructed from high-quality materials, these plates are built to last, resistant to weather and road conditions.

Customization Options:

  • Tailor-Made Sizes: Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your vehicle perfectly. Our range includes standard UK sizes, square 4x4, oversized 21x6, and bespoke sizes for shorter number sequences.
  • Variety in Styles: Select from different styles to match your personal taste and vehicle aesthetics.

Fast and Reliable Service:

  • Swift Production: Orders are processed efficiently, ensuring your custom plates are ready promptly.
  • Quick Delivery: Opt for our expedited shipping option for even faster delivery, complete with a tracking number for your convenience.

Legal Compliance:

  • Show Plate Use: Note that these plates are intended for show purposes and may not comply with road regulations.
  • Document Verification: For non-local customers, we offer a streamlined mail-in process to ensure legal compliance.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

  • 12-Month Warranty: Our plates come with a one-year warranty, underlining our commitment to quality.
  • Dedicated Support: Should you have any inquiries, our FAQ page and customer support team are here to assist you.

At Private Plate King, your satisfaction is our top priority. Choose our 4D 5mm plates for a blend of elegance, quality, and unmatched value.