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Road Legal and Illegal Number Plates

As a car enthusiast, you take pride in your vehicle and want it to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is by investing in personalised number plates. But it's important to know the difference between legal and illegal number plates to avoid getting into trouble with the law. In this article, we'll discuss the regulations surrounding number plates and the implications of getting caught by the police with illegal plates on a public road.

Why Are Number Plates Illegal and Legal?

The UK government has specific rules for displaying number plates on vehicles. These regulations help ensure that number plates are easy to read, consistent, and can be quickly identified by law enforcement and other road users. To learn more about these rules, check out the RULES OF DISPLAYING and Displaying number plates pages on the government's website.

Legal Number Plates

To be considered legal, number plates must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must conform to the British Standard (BSAU 145e) and display the relevant markings.
  2. They must use the correct font, size, and spacing of characters.
  3. They must not have any background pattern or decoration that would make the characters difficult to read.
  4. They must display the name and postcode of the plate supplier.

As long as your number plates meet these requirements, you're good to go!

Illegal Number Plates

Number plates are considered illegal if they:

  1. Use non-standard fonts or characters.
  2. Have incorrect character spacing or sizing.
  3. Display altered or misrepresented characters.
  4. Use background patterns, images, or decorations that obstruct the readability of the characters.
  5. Fail to display the required markings or supplier information.

If you're caught using illegal number plates, you could face a fine of up to £1,000 and have your vehicle failed during its MOT test.

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The Implications of Using Illegal Number Plates

If you're caught using illegal number plates on a public road, there can be serious consequences:

  1. Fines: As mentioned earlier, you could face a fine of up to £1,000.
  2. MOT Failure: Your vehicle may fail its MOT test, making it illegal to drive on public roads until the issue is resolved.
  3. Points on Your Licence: Depending on the severity of the offence, you may also receive points on your driving licence.
  4. Increased Insurance Premiums: Having points on your licence or a history of illegal number plate use could result in higher insurance premiums.
  5. Vehicle Seizure: In extreme cases, the police may seize your vehicle until you replace the illegal number plates with legal ones.

To avoid these consequences, always make sure your number plates comply with the UK regulations. If you want to have fun and personalise your vehicle, consider investing in legal show and novelty plates from

In Conclusion

Understanding the difference between legal and illegal number plates is crucial for car enthusiasts who want to personalise their vehicles without breaking the law. By following the UK's number plate regulations and investing in high-quality, legal number plates, you can express your personality and enhance your car's appearance while avoiding fines and other consequences. Browse our collections at to find the perfect legal number plates for your vehicle today.