Clearpay: Your Flexible Payment Solution at Private Plate King Ltd

At Private Plate King Ltd, we are thrilled to enhance your shopping experience with Clearpay, a revolutionary payment service. Partnering with Clearpay allows you to instantly own our premium 4D number plates, providing a convenient and budget-friendly way to manage your purchases.

How Clearpay Benefits You at Private Plate King Ltd:

  • Instant Credit for Purchases: Choose Clearpay at checkout to enjoy immediate credit for your desired 4D number plates.
  • Pay in Four Instalments: Split your purchase into four equal, interest-free payments, spread over two weeks each.
  • Automatic Payments: Instalments are automatically deducted from your payment method, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Using Clearpay – Simple and Convenient:

  • Online Shopping: At checkout on our website, select Clearpay as your payment option.
  • In-Store Experience: Use the Clearpay app in combination with Apple Pay or Google Pay for effortless in-store transactions.
  • Easy Setup: New users can sign up on Clearpay’s website, and returning users can simply log in.

Eligibility and Terms:

  • Clearpay is available to UK residents over 18 with a UK billing address, excluding the Channel Islands.
  • Timely payments are essential to avoid late fees. Clearpay imposes a £6 late fee for each overdue instalment, with caps based on order value.
  • Missed payments could impact your future use of Clearpay and may lead to debt collection activities.

Why Choose Clearpay at Private Plate King Ltd:

  • Budget-Friendly: Clearpay's installment plan makes owning 4D number plates more attainable.
  • Interest-Free: Manage your finances effectively without any interest burden.
  • Transparent Terms: Clearpay's straightforward terms mean no hidden fees or complex conditions. For more details, visit Clearpay’s Terms of Service, FAQs, and Privacy Policy.

At Private Plate King Ltd, we are committed to offering you the best value for 4D number plates. Embrace the convenience of Clearpay and enjoy a worry-free shopping experience.

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Explore our range today at Private Plate King Ltd, and take advantage of the ease and flexibility that Clearpay offers. Your perfect 4D number plate is just a few clicks away!